SECCO Bookkeeping Office

SECCO Bookkeeping Office provides outsourced accounting and tax services for Polish restaurants and hotels.

Trustworthy, safe and reliable service is guaranteed through a certified and qualified team of professionals, using state-of-the-art accounting, HR & payroll and legal software applications. 

 We offer the following outsourced services for Polish hotels and restaurants:

·         Book-keeping;

·         Keeping Ledger for Tax Revenue and Expenses;

·         Settlements based on lump-sum taxation (Revenue Registry and Tax Card);

·         Drowing up of PIT, CIT, VAT declarations;

·         Drowing up monthly, quarterly, semester and annual financial reports;

·         Drowing up periodic GUS (Central Statistical Office) reports; 

·         HR and payroll administration, incl. ZUS settlements.

SECCO Bookkeeping Office has experience in outsourcing service of hotel facilities with the use of safe data transfer channels and convenient logistic solutions.


Ewa Sarnecka - the owner

Ewa Sarnecka is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of professional experience in finance and accounting. She graduaded from the Nicolaus Copernicus University (master degree in economics). From the beginning of her professional track, her career was tied with finance and accounting. Mrs. Ewa Sarnecka was perfecting her skills in numerous trainings and courses organized by the International Foundation for the Development of the Capital Market and Ownership Transformation in Poland, Polish Economic Society, the Higher School of Administration and Management in Warsaw, Specialist Training Center POLBI and the Accountants Association of Poland. In 2000 she passed a state examination and obtained an accredited license issued by the Polish Ministry of Finance entitling her to to conduct bookkeeping in Poland. 

Before taking her own business activity, she occupied the positions of Chief Accountant and Director of Finance - Board Member, in a few companies. 

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