Cookie Policy

What is Cookie?

Cookies are small computer data files, which are stored on an User's computer, tablet or smartphone (devices), recorded while visiting the website. Cookies usually store a website address, time of cookie expiration, and the unique number which helps to identify an Internet browser which was applied.

Cookie Policy

  1. The SECCO's website uses cookies. Cookie is recorded on Users device, in order to re-read the information, while the device connects with the browser. The website can use other technologies with the same functionality as cookie has. The following Policy information has the same connotation both for cookies and other technologies as well.

  2. Cookies files are used in the following purposes:

    • In order to adapt the content of Internet service to User preferences and for proper website display;

    • For statistical puposes. Cookies help to understand how Users avail oneself of the website. It affects the improvement of the website structure and content;

    • Cookies help to maintain the session conectivity. User doesn't need to log-in on each page of the website.

  3. The SECCO's website may use the following cookies:

    • "Necessary" cookies, which enable the use of Internet services, e.g. authentication files;

    • Cookie files for security purposes, e.g. cookies use for detecting misuse in authentication;  

    • Cookies enable to collect information on the use of Internet service;

    • "Functional" cookies, which enable memorization of User's settings preferences and Interface personalization, e.g.: language preferences, geographical region, fonts, website display, etc.

  4. In many cases, the default browser allows to store cookies on User's device. The User can change the cookies' settings any time. Settings could be changed in a way to block automatic operations of cookie files, or to inform about its recording on User's device. Detailed information about cookies' capabilities and how to handle cookies is available in the browser settings. Remaining the browser settings unchanged determines that cookies will be recorded on User's device.

  5. Cookies disable may lead to difficulties in using of some Internet services, in particulat those requiring log-in. Cookies disable still enable you to read or browse the content of the website.

  6. Cookies can be stored on the User's device, and used by advertisers, researchers and multi-media providers.

How to disable cookie files in the following browsers?

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